New Grifter Series after DC Reboot

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Wildstorm fans rejoice! Bleeding Cool confirmed that a Grifter series will be taking place in the DC universe after the reboot. 

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you attached this blog to the wrong forum :P

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@pikahyper said:
you attached this blog to the wrong forum :P
I know. I cant change it. Something is wrong with my forum making right now. I wanted to attach this to the Grifter forum.
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WooT!  That is some good news.  In a way this gives DC its own Punisher!  I cannot wait to see how Cole handles the DC verse!
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I'm just bumping this thread to bring some attention to the best thing to come from the whole DC whatever you want to call it. 
People should give Grifter and his title a real look because he is bad@ss..... bad@ss I say!!
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I think as today everyone give a look and pick it up and seem like it has much hope on it

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