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The issue starts with Grifter trying to kill a Saudi prince out for a night on the town. What Grifter doesn't know is that Midnighter has been following him and was sent to protect the prince. After Grifter kills all of the prince's bodyguards and makes a move for the prince, Midnighter makes his presence known by quickly disarming the assassin and pinning him to the ground. The prince calmly walks into a club where more hired guns are waiting for him. After the two hear the sounds of a hail of bullets, Grifter and The Midnighter head inside expecting to find the body of the dead prince. Instead they find a hideous, tentacled monster killing (and devouring) the gunmen. Grifter and Midnighter watch the prince/monster eat the assassins and Midnighter keeps having visions of the tentacled monsters from the previous issue.

After the beast is done eating, it shape shifts into a beautiful woman that calls itself Zee. Midnighter no longer sees the monsters but he doesn't see the woman either. He sees a man.

Meanwhile, in The Carrier, The Authority does an autopsy on a dead man (who is actually a robot) and find inside him what looks to be one of the creatures that Midnighter saw. The thing escapes by using it's own Door (it's is depicted as green, different from the Carrier's orange/yellow Doors) and Jenny Quantum demands to see Midnighter so he can tell her more about his visions.

Back on Earth, Grifter drives a limo with Midnighter and Zee inside. Zee teases Midnighter by saying she knows about his visions but before he can do anything, the car crashes. Once outside, Midnighter sees the monsters again but now they are the size of buildings. He thinks he's going crazy again but Grifter tells him that he sees them too.

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