durakken's Grifter #8 - ...Must Come Down review

Self Destructed.

So, there i was reading this story and it was average to above average, catching up on one of the titles that I decided to keep reading and had not even considered dropping it then I got to this issue and it's garbage. There is a shock beginning for no good reason. Most of the issue is fighting and it's meant to have Cole be all conflicted, but the whole thing doesn't jive with what his character has been doing, saying, and thinking up to this point and it is only meant to establish Cole as another Deathstroke type figure in this new direction of Dull Comics which is unneeded because his character was established in the last several issues.

I had no intention of writing another review, but then I read this issue and it was just so bad that I had to post a review of just how bad it is. I am dropping this title because of this issue. I was getting attached to the story I was reading and the writer just threw everything about that story out and pretty much rebooted the series.

Just to clarify. This book, by itself is not horrendous. It is the fact that this book followed 7 other issues and while it's recoverable I don't care to wait around for them to recover and I do not take kindly to writers introducing and killing off characters and rearranging personalities when they are trying build an audience, which requires you to get attached to the story and the characters which this issues has completely removed.

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