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Around 500 AD in Demark,lived Grendall and his Mother who attacked and ate  the sleeping men of King Hrothgar,King of the Danes ,until Beowulf (possibly an alias of Gilgamesh or Ulysses Bloodstone ) stopped them. Grendall had his arm ripped off and had  suppossingly died .Insane with despair , his mother sought revenge against Beowulf ,as the legend goes.
The Asgardian God Thorhad travelled to Pittsburg to melt and make a suit of armor out of Asgardian steel due to a curse that made his bones brittle at the time.Hearing the forging Thor made the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim attacked Thor under the command of  Wormwood, leader of the Dark Elves. Cautioned by his fellow Dark Elves ,he released Grendall who attacked Thor .Thor pierced Grendall`s armor with an iron pole and saw Grendall green blood flow .Grendall command the Dark Elves hold Thor down and was about to deliver the killing blow when Loki teleported Thor away .

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