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Grendel and the rebels stage an attack on the vampire hordes, but will they get there in time to save young Jupiter, who is about to be fed to his father's ancient nemesis? In the meantime, Susan and Crystal finally meet their match!

Grendel and the rebels continue battling vampires through the missile silo. Grendel is finally able to recharge himself when he locates the vampires generator within the core of the silo. They are narrowly able to rescue Jupiter from being eaten by an ancient, fat vampire known as the First One--a now-nearly-unrecognizable Pellon Cross. Upon leaving they destroy the silo. Later that evening they hear news that due to the stresses of leading, Laurel Kennedy has taken ill and her right hand, Heath, will be taking over her role as regent until her return.

Meanwhile Susan and Crystal have made it into the Canadian wilderness and found a hermit who was once a political analyst. Recognizing Crystal, he invites the pair back to his cabin for food and rest.

This issue also includes previews of upcoming Grendel series.

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