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While Grendel is held captive by a mysterious band of rebels, Jupiter is left to his own devices -- only to be kidnapped again... this time, by a horde of vampires! Meanwhile, Jupiter's stepsister plots her own escape from the political clutches of her mother, the reigning Dowager-Khan. And in this issue, the secret of Grendel is finally revealed!

Grendel Prime has been taken captive and partially disassembled by Azif A Barouk, leader of a band of rogues who oppose Orion's widow's rule. At first they do not believe his story, but he activates a holographic projection of Orion Assante, giving him permission to do as he needs in the name of Grendel Kahn. While the rebels are contemplating what to do with Prime, Jupiter's guards are killed by a group of vampires and Jupiter is kidnapped.

Back at the Dakota house Susan and Crystal become lovers. Crystal hears on the news that her mother plans to marry her off in order to continue her rule. Susan agrees to help Crystal escape the compound and head for safety. The pair kill off her guards and make their way into the wilderness.

Grendel Prime and Azif's group fight off yet another band of Red Devils and seek out Jupiter.

This issue also includes a recap of the story of Eppy Thatcher, Innocent XLII, and Orion Assante.

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