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Even as Laurel Kennedy and Heath preside over the official mourning of the heir to the Khan, young Jupiter Assante and his captor are indeed alive and, well... on the run. Beneath a strangely deserted and overgrown castle, Grendel and Jupiter are set upon by a group of mutated casualties of the nuclear winter, a group carrying a decided grudge against manipulators of modern technology. A mysterious band of soldiers arrives in time to add another surprising twist to the story. For our heroes, it's a case of out of the frying pan and into the fires of the "Devil in Hell"!

Grendel Prime and Jupiter travel to the wasteland left from a nuclear winter. They stop at a ruined building to gather fresh water to continue their journey. A cloaked figure from the shadows draws Jupiter from the bike into the underground depths. There he was almost captured by a band of mutants before Grendel Prime showd up to save him. The child was protected by a radiation suit, but Grendel was growing increasingly weak due to the radiation levels. Prime and Jupiter were captured by mutants who blamed technology for all of their problems. Prime and Jupiter narrowly escaped when a group of armed persons in radiation suits rescued them and took them captive.

This issue also includes a recap of the "Incubation Years," when the Grendel spirit inhabited Captain Wiggins and then spread out to become an abstract cultural force.

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