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While Laurel Kennedy announces the death of Orion's heir to a shocked world, setting off a political explosion in the process, Jupiter Assante and his captor, the mysterious Grendel figure, have in fact set sail for Africa. Problem is, they've hitched a ride aboard a freighter about to be attacked by a band of vicious pirates, out for plunder and blood. It's swashbuckling action like you've never seen before, as young Jupiter finds himself quite literally caught between the "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"!

In a televised appearance, grieving step-mother Laurel Kennedy announced to the world that Jupiter Assante and his abductor were killed in a freak accident in the swamps of Louisiana. The resulting complications begin to get on her nerves and she starts to lose her self-control.

Meanwhile, the freighter that Grendel and Jupiter are aboard is being pursued by pirates. Grendel knew that the pirates would eventually capture the ship for its supplies. The ships crew was old and would not stand a chance in a fight. Grendel prepared a ruse to gain the element of surprise by killing four members of the ship's crew and spreading their blood around the ship's deck. Then he and the rest of the crew waited on deck, pretending to be dead. When the pirates boarded, they investigated what looked like a mass suicide to avoid capture. Grendel caught them off-guard and they were able to kill the pirates. Grendel then slaughtered the rest of the crew and blew up the ship to cover their tracks. The pair boarded his hover-speeder again and made their way alone across the ocean to Africa.

The comic also includes a recap of the life of the second Grendel, Christine Spar.

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