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The chase is still on for young Jupiter Assante, heir to the throne of the Grendel-Khan, and his abductor, the mysterious masked figure -- who, we now learn, may even have been sent by the Khan himself! This issue finds the pair stealing through the Louisiana swamps, only to land on the doorstep of an old witch! It would seem the ancient crone is more foe than friend, however, when news of Jupiter's death travels back to his stepmother, Laurel Kennedy.

New intel from the journals of her late husband Grendel Kahn informs Laurel Kennedy that the abductor they are tracking may actually be a paladin trained and dispatched by the Kahn himself for the sole purpose of protecting his only son Jupiter at all costs. The Grendel and her son are now known to have survived the pit, spotted traveling through the Louisiana bayous by a scouting party.

Deep within the bayous Grendel and Jupiter encounter an old witch. The witch casts a spell and advises them in their journey. After leaving a group of Red Devil's persue them through the swamps but believe the pair to be dead after an explosion rocks the bayou. However, it was just an illusion cast by the witch. Grendel and Jupiter find land, head to a port, board a ship, and travel out to sea.

Back at the Dakota complex young Crystal is told by her mother that the situation with Jupiter has yet to be resolved, so she will have to wait patiently before being allowed out.

The comic also includes a recap of the life of the original Grendel, Hunter Rose.

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