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This is the big one: a story so powerful, Matt Wagner had to double the issue size just to tell it! In this special 48-page issue, we learn the final fate of Jupiter and Grendel-Prime, as Jupiter is reunited with his sister and together they take on the corrupt government headed by their mother. Wagner not only writes, pencils, and inks this final issue, he also provides a spectacular wraparound cover painting.

Ten years after Abner Heath took the throne from Laurel Kennedy Assante, Jupiter and his still-growing band of rebels are ready to recapture the throne for the true successor of Orion Assante. After crossing the Bering Strait, Jupiter is reunited with his sister, Crystal, and her guard Susan. Crystal and Susan join the resistance against Heath.

In the past decade, Heath's rule has been problematic. He mounted the great weapon of Orion Assante, the sun disc, on the sun house as a display of his power, but was unable to ever recreate the parts needed to make the sun disc operational.

The rebels simultaneously put their plan to take back the throne into play at both the Sun house and the Dakota house, where Laurel Kennedy Assante has been for the past decade. Jupiter and Crystal reveal to Laurel that Orion knew of her treachery, and that she was only ever a small cog in the grand plan he had. At the Sun House, Grendel Prime, Azif, Susan, and the rebels they lead take control. Orion had built into Grendel's mechanical body the components needed for the sun disc to work and he uses the sun disc to destroy a satellite orbiting the planet. With control of satellite communications, Jupiter broadcasts his proclamation of his rule over the entire Earth, with Laurel confirming that he is truly Orion's rightful heir.

His mission accomplished, Grendel Prime rides off into the wilderness, alone.

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