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In the climactic end to this six-issue storyline, all four devils get what's coming to them -- unfortunately, it may not be exactly what they expected, as Renute holds everyone hostage while a time-bomb ticks out their last seconds of life. All that and the return of the vampires!


Mantovani wakes up in Renute's headquarters, which is filled with Grendels who have been turned into vampires. Gloria watches from above, in secret. Renute sets Bixby against Calhoun, stirring up their mutual passions for Simone. Renute reveals that turning into a vampire made him hate all things Grendel...he began to acquire every important treasure he could, so he could destroy them all with an atom bomb. These treasures include the soon-to-be-reincarnated Hunter Rose in Simone's boy, not to mention the actual skull of Hunter Rose, and the Mona Lisa.

Hearing his plan, Bixby, Mantovani, Gloria, and Calhoun join forces and attack the vampires, Renute, and Dulac. Calhoun manages to defuse the bomb, but is killed. Gloria gets close enough to see the Mona Lisa up close, but dies as well. Bixby smashes the skull of Rose against Dulac's head, killing him, and Mantovani pulls out Renute's heart with his bionic hand.

Bixby took the boy with him back to the Amazon to find his future. Mantovani ent back to his private detective job, along with one particular treasure to hang on his wall.

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