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It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and the devils abound! Mantovani gambles on Calhoun, who is playing his cards for the deadly Renute. Gloria seduces her way to the treasure she's been seeking, while Bixby is attacked by demons -- or are they just carnival-goers? And just where do the voodoo vampires come in?


Mantovani and Simone's boy hide in plain site at Mardi Gras, dressed as Sylvester and Tweety. Bixby is there too, and thinks everyone is a demon because of their outlandish costumes, so he starts cutting down everyone around him. Meanwhile, Mantivani's silver hand gets recognized, and a battle begins. Gloria, who wants to get close to Renute, catches Mantovani and the boy for him. However, she begins to have second thoughts when she sees Mantovani's honest eyes.

Dulac also manages to take Bixby prisoner by having the crowd work on his side.

Calhoun takes a surprising turn and offers to tell Renute where to find the boy for a reward. However, news of their capture stops their deal and Renute takes Calhoun prisoner.

That night, almost the entire Grendel Krewe is killed and turned into vampires by a single vampire...Renute!

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