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The Devil's influence spreads throughout the city like ripples on a pond, leaving a path of shattered dreams and destroyed lives in its wake. Only it's not just the Mafia, hitmen, and urban scum who feel Grendel's heat. Before long, those on the periphery -- the doctors, lawyer, hotel employees -- are also pulled into the Devil's sinister web. Meanwhile, Grendel's alter-ego Hunter Rose finds his relationship with his adopted ward Stacy slipping through his bloody fingers. He may be able to eradicate his enemies, but he's helpless to hang on to those he loves. Wagner and company continue their exploration into Grendel's twisted psyche and the seductive pull it holds over all who encounter it as, once again, Wagner's razor-sharp scripts are brought to life by an outstanding line-up of comics' hottest artists.

Stories by Matt Wagner:

  • Devil's Clash - art by Michael Avon Oeming, lettering by Sean Konot. Continues last issue's "Devil Crossed," retelling the tale of Grendel and Argent's battle outside Barry Palumbo's house, and the kidnapping of Stacy. This story was originally told in different form in the first volume of Grendel and in Devil by the Deed, a back-up feature in Mage.
  • Devilish Escapades - art by Phil Noto, typesetting by Cary Grazzini. Seven "minute mysteries": each page features a large single panel, with a long paragraph underneath, telling the story of someone whose path crossed with Grendel.
  • Devil, Devil on the Roof - art by Zander Cannon, lettering by Jason Hvam. Grendel breaks into a locked down hotel to kill a mob boss and his underlings.
  • Devil, Deed, Denouement - art by Ashley Wood, typesetting by Cary Grazzini. Each page is a splash page with a poem ruminating on a different aspect of Rose's life.
  • The Devil's Tide - art by Mike Huddleston, lettering by Sean Konot. The story of a doctor who starts to work for the mob and has his life fall apart around him. Worse still, he unfortunately ends up being at cross-purposes with Grendel.

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