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The Devil has risen again. Drawing from a deep well of creative talent, Grendel creator and writer Matt Wagner has assembled a breathtaking ensemble of artists to illustrate another round of stories about that most deadly of assassins -- Hunter Rose. From corpulent politicians to opportunistic street thugs, no one is safe from the Devil's watchful eye or his deadly blades. This time out Wagner and company present the many faces of Grendel, showing his first contact with the powerful Ciccone family and painting a compelling portrait of the Devil's sweetly sinister influence over a child's imagination. Collecting five tales drawn by some of comics' most gifted storytellers, this issue launches a miniseries that's sure to please both long-time Grendel readers and newcomers alike.

All stories written by Matt Wagner:

  • The Nasty Li'l Devil - art and lettering by Jill Thompson. This story is written by the insane Stacy Palumbo, and recounts how a demon possessed Hunter Rose and turned him into Grendel.
  • Devil's Assumption - art and lettering by Andy Kuhn. This story tells how Hunter Rose was first hired as Teddy Ciccone's hitman, after killing Ciccone's previous assassin. This story was originally told in a different form in the first issue of Grendel (volume one).
  • Devil Say, Devil Do - art and lettering by Stan Sakai. Grendel hunts down and kills a criminal.
  • Devil Colors - art by Jim Mahfood and lettering by Sean Konot. Grendel's mob organization hires a graffiti artist to spray paint warnings to rival gangs. The painter is caught in the act but saved by Grendel.
  • Devil's Dash - art and lettering by Tom Fowler. Hunter chases a fat, naked, corrupt Congressman through the city.







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