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This is an experimental issue that has only two lines of text. The first page reads, "And as to the problem with Dominic Riley..."

The rest of the story, until the last page, is just told through pictures. Riley leaves his hotel. Chris is watching him. She sends some kind of drone that flies down and just misses him. He doesn't know what's going on. He eats in a diner and sees her reflection in the mirror, but then she is gone. He walks outside, and she puts hot coals from a food cart in his pockets, which burn through his clothes. He begins to be aware that something crazy is going on, but doesn't see her.

She throws a dead bird at his head. A store sign falls and barely misses him. He gets in a taxi and it explodes in midair. He runs down into the subway to escape, but she pushes him off the edge; he is barely saved by some other passengers. He goes to Brian's hotel and checks to see if he's still there through binoculars. A bum accosts him. Bricks fall down at him from the sky. He climbs some stairs and is hit by a container of goo. She lights an M-80 to make a bang, and he starts going nuts. He shoots all over the place with his pistol. He runs out and thinks he sees her and shoots some more, but it's only a display for her novel in a store.

Now he's frantic. He sees a mugging and just runs away. He goes into another diner and drinks a bit and regains his courage. He steps outside, and Chris pulls him into an alley. He manages to grab her face and pull out his gun, but she slices off his fingers and rams him in the face with the butt-end of the fork. He's at her mercy, and she stabs him in the chest.

The final text reads, "...eventually I killed him."







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