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Brian and Christine are about to face off against Tujiro and Niccolo when Christine's explosives go off, destroying Tujiro's tour buses and killing all of the rest of his kabuki company/slaving ring. The explosion is enormous and knocks them all down.

Christine is prepared and pulls out a hose that's attached to the sink faucet. She blasts Tujiro with it, and he reels in pain, stripping off his clothes--he's completely covered in fine white hair! She slices off Niccolo's hand with the fork and rams him in the jaw. She charges up the electricity on the fork and she and Tujiro confront each other. Niccolo amazingly manages to stand up and grabs Brian, but Brian (who studies tai chi) punches him through the window. Tujiro picks up the TV and flings it at Christine but misses. He lunges at her, clearly still hurt by the water, and transforms midair into a cat. She tries to gut it but misses. He runs through the apartment, and she chases, but he eventually leaps out the window and disappears.

Christine runs out so she won't get caught, leaving Brian in a devastated apartment. Detective Riley runs up and confronts Brian. Niccolo is caught by other police. Once again the news blares with the latest exploits of the new Grendel.

Disgusted by everything, Christine leaves and goes back to New York. The battle against Tujiro is a temporary win, but doesn't give her real satisfaction. She mails a letter to Brian saying goodbye. She feels that she is leaving Grendel behind her; she needed to dwell in its darkness when she was living in a dark place, but now she's going to try to grow past that.

Regina arrives in San Francisco just as Christine is leaving, and they don't see each other.

We see that Tujiro is still alive, in cat form.







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