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Regina energetically defends her friend Christine Spar during a lengthy interrogation against Captain Wiggins and Argent. She calls Christine to tell her, then gets on a flight out to see her--against Christine's wishes. The police tap the phone and get Christine's number.

Meanwhile, Tujiro suddenly teleports into Chistine's room. She's naked and in bed, totally vulnerable. He just wants to taunt her: he says he's taking Brian that night, and there's nothing she can do to stop her. She grabs the fork and throws it at him, but again he teleports away. She is full of fury and the desire to avenge her son.

That night, she goes to see Brian. Once again she tries to explain what's been going on. He thinks she's getting too wrapped up in all this secondary-persona stuff. She finally admits that Tujiro is a vampire, and a slaver who wants to kidnap Brian. Brian reacts with total disbelief. But then she plays the tapes that she recorded from all her bugs, with Tujiro and his henchmen laying out their kidnap plans. Finally Brian believes it must all be real.

They wait in darkness for them to come. Right before the time Tujiro said he'd get there, Christine admits that she rigged the tour buses with explosives. Once again Brian is taken aback at her ruthlessness. Then Tujiro jumps in through the window, and his henchman Niccolo comes in through the door. Christine is ready. This is what she's been waiting for.

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