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Tujiro finishes draining the child of blood. Christine notices that the boy has a patch over one eye, and the other is fine. Did he already take it out, like the others in the case she found earlier? She can't take it, she's in shock, and has to leave. However, she bugs his car on her way out.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco police, particularly Dominic Riley, are on her trail, and she has to switch hotels. The press start to make a big deal about Grendel's involvement in her earlier killing.

Listening to the bug she planted, she finds out that Tujiro is also involved in a slavery ring, and plans to kidnap Brian Li Sung that night. Frantic, she calls him up and makes a date so that he'll be out of danger.

She meets him at the theater, and she and Tujiro see each other--they exchange fierce looks. They know they are locked into a dangerous game together. She and Brian go out on their date, and she has a great time. She is a widow, and this is almost her only relationship since then. They sleep together, with her ostensible motive being to keep him out of danger, but really being glad for the occasion.

He leaves to go to work, and since he'll be in public she's not worried. She does research on vampires--she wants to know how she can hurt Tujiro.

Meanwhile back in New York, Argent and his police assistant Captain Wiggins continue to coordinate plans to find and capture her.

On a rooftop, Christine watches over Brian as he goes home after work. She assumes there will be another kidnapping attempt. However, she doesn't see Tujiro--until he appears behind her.

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