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The hapless workers trying to trap the rat are still at it.  They pour water down its tunnel to drown it, but it swims with the current and gets out.  It bites through some electrical cable.  They get a dog to chase it, but the lights go out.  The rat kills the dog and they run away.
Eppy has devised even smaller anti-grav devices: small disks.  He slices the bottom of his feet open and inserts the disks, numbing his feet with drugs.  He takes more Grendel, and hallucinates some more, dreaming that he is sacrificing himself for the world, like Christ, but for the Devil's sake.
Cross finally becomes cognizant, having fed on human blood; he's been animalistic until now.  Kierch and Zebra wake up as new vampires.  This is the beginning of a vampire infection that eventually grows worldwide; Innocent had always been very controlled about it, so this is a big change.  Cross leaves, and Kierch and Zebra feast on random townspeople.  These turn into vampires, and they feed on more people, and so on.  Cross looks for Eppy at the Grendel-drug battle arena, but he's not there.  Cross turns all the spectators into vampires.
Eppy uses a robot he built to gain access to the Tower.  He seeds the braziers in the church with the Grendel drug, so it will affect everyone during the service.
Cross remembers Eppy's address.  When Eppy returns home, Cross is waiting for him.  Cross sees the vampiric bloodlust as a gift from God, so they see themselves on opposite sides of God and the Devil.  Eppy finally manages to knock Cross out with a bowling ball.  Then he flies out to the Tower.







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