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The workers tasked with catching the rat are back at it.  They send in a robot to get it, but it fails, and gets messed up itself.  They fill its tunnels with nails, and poison its food, but it escapes and attacks them directly, biting off one of their hands.  They run off.
Eppy takes more Grendel drug to get his mind off his wounds.  He talks more about his abusive upbringing.  He is sick of people asking God for forgiveness for doing what comes naturally; the Devil accepts everyone. Eppy finally gets fired from his job.  He goes to the bazaar for inspiration against the Church.  He has more hallucinations about his mission against God, and kills some workers who were tearing down his base (an abandoned arch).  Once again he does to the Tower to attack it.
Pellon Cross travels to the desert to get some of the banned plutonium Innocent XLII needs for his sun gun.  It's protected by a laser fence, a barrage of flying rocks, gas, and a bubble holding up a huge weight to crush any thieves.  He gets past all the traps and steals the plutonium, but is a little cocky on the way out.  The weight falls down and stuns him, then a robot attacks him.  He has to rush back out through the flying rocks and crashes.  He's alive, but stuck in the desert.







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