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Grendel plays a recorded rant about the Church as he attacks a sermon by Innocent XLII.  He flies in and blows up a priest with an explosive dart, then steals the Pope's hat.  He blows up part of a nearby building and sends propoganda leaflets all over.  Pellon Cross chases him, but Grendel has a force field.  Cross eventually rams him through a wall and the shield fails.  Grendel punches out of the wall and hits Cross on the head with a brick, then escapes through the sewers.
Cross bursts into the Tower to see the Pope, but first he interrogates Lucas, one of his head priests, about the Pope's plans.  Lucas admits the Pope is building some kind of sun gun. He meets Innocent, who admits it, saying that they are going to poison the atmosphere everywhere on Earth except where they are, keeping the sun from shining anywhere but there.  The 600 tons of bananas are required for this process.  However, he also needs some illegal radioactive material, and wants Cross to get it.
The Deva Princes find a replacement member for Orion and he sets up the assassination of Innocent.  However, the C.O.P.s break in and arrest them all before it can take place.
Orion finds out that the Church has been giving him completely false financial information and confronts their accountant.  He also brings this information to the Board and asks for more power, as well as immunity to summons from the Inquisition for himself and the Board, given Sherri Caniff's false summons last issue.  They grant it.  Right after getting home, he finds a summons for himself, so he got immunity just in time.  He finds out that his friends on the Deva Princes have been arrested and tortured, however.  He now feels like he is in a war, alone, with the corrupt world against him...he feels like Christine Spar.  He begins his own path to becoming Grendel.
In this issue, the animal metaphor is a flock of bats, eating caterpillars, which then fly about the spires of the Tower.  They hit an electric mesh, like bug-zappers, and are fried.  They may stand for the Devas.

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