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Eppy Thatcher, the new Grendel, has burst into a Church service held by the corrupt Pope Innocent XLII.  Grendel harangues about the corruption of the Church, kills an alter boy in cold blood, then uses his fork to control the flying money plate, bringing it outside and dumping the money all over the bazaar outside.  The scene is televised, and everyone is stunned at the reappearance of an individual Grendel, as well as his effrontery in attacking the powerful Church.
Both Orion Assante and the Pope start investigations into the new Grendel.  Orion also continues his investigation into the Church, finding out that for some reason they have hired a very large number of former LASERUS-Solar employees.  He also continues to talk with the Deva Princes and his sisters to find the best way forward.
Innocent hires Pellon Cross, leader of C.O.P., to find out about Grendel and, later, Orion.  He finds the same Solar link as Orion, and has Orion's assistant and spy, Sharon, killed in the process. Innocent also puts Mother Aimee in charge of the Church's new Inquisition, dedicated to finding Grendel and keeping everyone in in line through fear of the Church.
Grendel continues his attack on the Church, breaking in and stealing the jeweled belt of St. Elvis. 
All the comics in this arc use animals as a metaphor.  In this issue, a crocodile (representing the Pope, or possibly C.O.P.?) eats a frog, then begins to feast on human corpses that are being poured out of a spout that presumably begins in the Church's Tower.

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