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The series continues its four-issue arc which follows Grendel's transformation from a force that inhabits individual people to a spirit that extends throughout all of society.

In this issue, Charlie is the CEO of OBES, a mega-corporation that has promulgated the image of Grendel throughout the culture. Far beyond Wiggins' novels, the character of Grendel is now everywhere, in TV, movies, books, etc. OBES exists by selling Grendel. The people of the world only care about entertainment, and rarely vote.

However, some of the executives think that their profits are being held back by what they see as the trivial concerns of the nations of Earth, especially the rivalry between the US and the USSR. These executives, especially Charlie's subordinate Harold White, are scheming to dissolve nationality across the world.

Charlie is a standard greedy CEO, but is not evil, and thinks Harold is going too far. He more concerned with his failed family relationships and his constipation. However, Harold outmaneuvers him and gets Charlie to agree. They make a deal with the Middle East, and set up a meeting between the leaders of the US and USSR. Then they release nuclear weapons to destroy them. As seen in the next issue, this leads to far more than the executives expected, and much of the world is destroyed.

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