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The series takes a new turn with a four-issue arc which follows Grendel's transformation from a force that inhabits individual people to a spirit that extends throughout all of society.

This issue follows Albert Wiggins. He is now rich and famous for his Grendel novels, but is becoming unhappy with the result, because he has created an enormous obsession with Grendel, his one-time foe, throughout society.

Also his cybernetic red eye, which is supposed to be a lie detector, seems to be malfunctioning. He now sees the "truth" about everyone he sees: that they are lying, greedy pigs. Everyone wants something from him: his young wife Dyna, his agent, the people who want to make his books into movies.

They all want him to make more money, but he doesn't: he thinks their greed for money is similar to the greed of Grendel. He is now an alcoholic. He can't cope with all the pressures on him. He gets his eye checked, but it is supposedly fine.

He runs off to a bar and starts to think. He thinks he is "inhabited"--that Grendel is starting to possess him! He tries to tell Dyna, but she thinks he's a wimp. He can't take it any more, and stabs her in the eye, killing her. Just then, the police, who have apparently been watching him, knock on the door. He's been caught...but is he Grendel? Or just obsessed, like everyone else?

This issue is notable in that it does not have standard dialog. Often, character think in bubbles with small images, rather than words, and when they do speak, they usually use single words that stand in for their intent, rather than complete sentences, such as "Howl! Screech! Money!" or "Prattle! Gab! Prattle!"







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