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Captain Wiggins writes a second book in retirement. In this book, he relates the story of Tommy Nuncio, who had a small part in the original Grendel storyline in Mage. The outlines of the two stories are the same, but it is implied that Wiggins may have fabricated the extra details in his book.

Nuncio is an unattractive but confident rat. He goes out in the nightlife of the city and picks up on information, which he sells to others. He is a lowlife, but is not a major criminal.

One night, while in a bathroom, he hears some people talking about Grendel: he is going to kill Anson Reynolds, a movie mogul. Grendel hasn't killed anyone in years, so this is big news. Nuncio doesn't believe it at first, and isn't sure whether to say anything about it anyway, but finally goes to police headquarters to tell them what he knows. He goes through a lengthy interview with Argent and other police.

They stake out Reynolds' house, but it was all a trick: Grendel set it all up so Argent ends up falling several stories in front of a crowd, embarrassing himself. Nuncio, reading the headlines, realizes he was set up, and gets paranoid: Grendel will probably come to take care of him soon!

This comic is notable because almost all the story is told through very thin vertical panels. The top of each page has Wiggins' scrawled notes on the scene, the middle has the art, and the bottom re-writes Wiggins notes in a more finalized form. It has no ads.

This comic contains a Mage backup story, the third in a series of four.

In this backup story, Kevin Matchstick protects the French girl from the demonic horse's attacks. He calls the horse by its names in different folklores: a Kelpie, an Eac-usige, a Ragamount.

The two combatants fight, each getting in some hits.

This story is written in English, while the previous two were mostly French. Two of its pages were accidentally transposed.







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