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Captain Wiggins continues to dictate his book.

Detective Polk, in the book, continues to investigate the diamond scam. Now he is trying to figure out which of the Wiesburg twins is behind it. Finally he gets the family lawyer to admit that he changed Wiesburg's will after being blackmailed by Esther Wiesburg. He tells his partner, Pynchon, but he isn't ready to tell the rest of the police yet because he doesn't have enough proof. Pynchon, freaked out by the involvement of Grendel, tells his superiors, however, and Polk is promptly summoned to a meeting with Argent. Polk tells almost everything he knows. Argent tells him that Polk is off the case.

Polk won't let it go, however, and drives off to the big banquet where the diamond merchants will fix their prices, and where the scam will be activated. He gets inside and confronts Esther with a gun, but Grendel makes his appearance at the same time. Unaware of Esther's involvement, Grendel wants to kill Ed Wiesburg and make an example of him. Argent is also there, and they fight. Grendel casually throws a knife at Polk and disarms him, and Esther gets the gun. She shoots and kills Polk, and runs off with her brother to Brazil.

Meanwhile, Hunter temporarily gets the better of Argent, and burns the building down.

Wiggins winds up his book, saying that the Wiesburg twins' accounts were frozen, and they died of starvation in Brazil.

Like the previous issue, this comic is notable because it is told almost entirely through 1.25" squares in a 5x5 square grid. It also has no ads.

This issue contains the second part of a Mage backup story.

In this backup story, the demonic horse attacks the French girl. She runs, but it looks like she's done for. Suddenly the horse stops, seeing the approach of Kevin Matchstick. Matchstick is sporting a new look: he has a ponytail, has no beard, wears another shirt partly over his lightning shirt, and wears red high-top Chuck Taylor sneakers instead of grey jogging shoes.

This story is written almost entirely in French.

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