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Captain Wiggins confronts Brian Li Sung outside the theater again. Brian gets angry, but Wiggins seems satisfied with his campaign of harassment. Once inside, Brian takes out his anger on the theater employees, taking charge in a way he has not before. However, the prop manager took away the Kabuki mask so he can no longer use it to focus his anger.

He begins to stalk Wiggins. It seems that Wiggins knows that Brian is Grendel, and that he is stalking him, and he does not seem worried. The scene is similar to Christine Spar's stalking of Detective Riley, except that Brian is not as successful at creating fear in Wiggins. Eventually Wiggins goes into Central Park. Brian takes a shot at him with an arrow, but misses. He shoots again, but Wiggins turns and fires with his pistol, killing Brian.

We see that Brian and the spirit of Grendel have been discussing each other via their notes in Brian's notebook. Brian knew he was under Grendel's control but was trying to fight it and keep it from carrying out its goals. It seems that Brian may have intentionally missed Wiggins and let Wiggins kill him. Grendel, however, was not concerned, because Brian was only one human shell in a long succession of shells, and would live forever.







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