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Regina walks in to Brian's apartment right after he has come home from being Grendel for the first time. They haven't seen each other for months. Regina tells him that Wiggins is still hounding her about Christine's journals. Brian is cold and insulting, and Regina leaves.

Brian continues in his hated job at the theater. His employees are still frustrating and insulting. Captain Wiggins shows up and asks him more about Christine and her journals. He leaves, but Brian feels more and more pressure upon him. He feels weak...except when h is Grendel.

He gets a bow and arrows from the theater and goes out to look at Argent's old lair. He prepares to shoot an arrow at it, but then gets control of himself and walks away. A mugger interrupts him and Brian kills him with an arrow. A woman walks by and sees him, and Brian shoots at her too, but misses--possibly intentionally.

For the first time, we see a representation of the spirit of Grendel itself. It says that Brian is a difficult host, and is fighting back. Brian finds the scrawls he has been making on the back of his "real" notes, and realizes that he has been possessed.







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