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This is the final issue of the Christine Spar Grendel storyline, which is called Devil's Legacy. The next storyline features Brian Li Sung as Grendel.

Christine confronts Argent, who is sitting in his hover wheelchair, paralyzed as he has been since killing Hunter Rose many years ago. He chants the final words of a spell, which enables him to arise and walk. He leaps out and they clash. Christine slashes him seriously in the side with the fork.

Regina and Brian continue to look for Christine, and manage to run into each other. They know she's after Argent, but don't know where he lives. Eventually they figure it out based on clues she left earlier.

Argent manages to grab the fork and breaks the blades off on the ground. Chris grabs a candelabra and hits him in the chin, while he claws her throat. She runs past his hoverchair and tips it towards him, firing its jets in his face, setting him alight. Then she grabs the broken fork blades off the ground. Argent is blinded and is maniacally clawing the air, trying to find her. She comes up from behind him and rams the blades through his chest, but he manages to reach around and eviscerates her side. They both fall. She has managed to do what Hunter Rose could not.

Brian and Regina arrive just when Captain Wiggins is breaking in through the front gates, and they manage to slip in. Chris manages to tell Brian she loves him before dying. Wiggins lets Regina and Brian go, but tells them not to leave town.

Christine's identity as Grendel is made public, but they can't find her logs, or Hunter Rose's logs. It turns out that she left a note for Brian that explains where they are. As he reads both sets of journals, he becomes engrossed in their thoughts. He hates New York, which he thinks is cold and dangerous compared to his home in San Francisco, but doesn't want to leave while he's reading the journals. He starts writing his own journal. At the bottom of the page, he scrawls a doodle of Grendel's mask.







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