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Brian and Chris come together for a final discussion. She wants to explain her motives for everything she's done and will do, but he can't accept it. He thinks she is acting out of hate and anger, and should drop those emotions for his love. She is close, but when he mentions his most recent interrogation with Argent, she loses it once again--that, on top of Riley's beating, and the ransacking of Regina's apartment, are too much. She sees how her actions affect her friends, but also how so much of what's happened is beyond her--the murder of her son, the insanity of her mother Stacy.

Wrapped in passion, they spend a final night together. In the morning, Chris leaves on her mission against Argent. She kills two cops and steals their car, then drives to police headquarters, where she places a bomb under Captain Wiggins car. Then she leaves to get Argent.

Brian and Regina try to contact each other and find Chris. They know what she plans.

Wiggins goes down to his car, but stops a minute to scrape out his pipe while some other cops get in. The car explodes, killing them.

Chris finds Argent's lair across from the Dakota, where Hunter Rose used to live. Clearly he's still obsessed. Using a variety of hardware, she climbs up the walls and breaks in. Meanwhile, inside, Argent is chanting a magical spell.

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