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 Gregor Lupus as a Werewolf.
Gregor Lupus is a werewolf that is captured along with the Thing by Dr. Julius Akerman better known as the Monster Master. When Ben Grimm tries to escape, Dr. Akerman uses his powers to transform Gregor into his lupine form and commands him to attack. Ben Grimm transforms into the Thing and battles Gregor. Another captive is the Frankenstein Monster and he manages to escape his shackles and ends up killing Dr. Akerman. Gregor transforms back to his human form after the Monster Master is killed. Gregor and the Frankenstein Monster offer to accompany the Thing with his journey but he refuses and both parties go their separate way.  


Gregor Lupus was created by John Byrne in 1985 and first appeared in Fantastic Four # 274.

Powers & Abilities

Gregor Lupus can transform into a werewolf with superhuman strength and agility. He attacks with his sharp claws and fangs.

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