Greg Land's inspiration for multiple characters

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So, while I was reading my issue of Uncanny X-men 06 I came to the realisation that it's not only the women that look similar! Cable, Dr. Nemesis and Magneto alone look relatively the same and they look very similar to a certain actor!

It tends to be a running joke that he traces sooo...think he's tracing photos of Ed Harris?!

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I'm not really replying to the OP's topic but to the Land-hate as a whole. Why is it such a big deal that Land traces? Ok, it's not fine that he copies from other artists but if the come from real people or action figures or whatever, what the sin in that? If it adds to the realism of the illustration, then why is it so bad? I'm not trying to pick a fight. I just don't understand the hate that some has given him.

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@ssejllenrad: How dare you! Surely you see that all these characters look exactly like Ed Harris, but with hair! Also all of his characters look exactly the same. I think that's most everyone's gripe. It's not that the characters depicted look poor, but they all look very similar minus a hair color.

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Starring Ed Harris as Magneto! Ed Harris as Cable! And Pamela Anderson as -- everyone else!

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hahaha .. ouch.

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Hmmm. I've read this idea that Greg Land's characters look like tracings of Ed Harris before online, just Google'd it and it's still there actually. Maybe people don't copy ideas and claim them as their own in order to get attention and recognition, as much as it's true that their actually are literally no original ideas anymore, so when someone draws from their subconscious, they actually draw from memory, whether they're aware of that or not, and the idea of originality should not be focused on since there is no such thing to attain? Maybe it all just is redundancy, because nothing else exists.

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In Greg Land's defense The Abyss was a solid movie. I just don't think he should make every guy over age 40 look exactly like him.

Even hardworking Americans that go to footballs games are not safe.

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@Internet_Genius: @Joygirl: I happen to think his women look more like Kate Beckinsale standing in front of a fan of some sort.

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Nahhh, Kate has a very classy beauty. No space-eyed wide-mouthed dumbs****ery.

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Tracing is only okay when you trace your own previous art.

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