Greg Lands art, why i hate it, take 178

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 some people dont like Greg Lands art. some people do. ive found myself in conversations where im asked why im one of the people who doesnt, and have seen others do the same. theres been a long
ongoing controversy over Lands work online for some time. ive decided to collect alot of examples,
and itterate them here.

in my opinion, Greg Land cant draw the human body for squat. take this malformed Emma here.
i can cite tons like this. but so what right? who's perfect? well, Land is an acclaimed artist, and
responsible for the art on several flagship titles, and such sloppiness is sort of therefore questionable...

not really going to be the main point here however. the main point is going to be " swiping ",
another word for copying, plagurism, tracing, ect. all examples below are of Greg Lands art.

for starters, " artist swipe". this is when one takes from anothers work.

the infamous Charest swipe. the picture of Spider-Man is by Travis Charest, and came before
the Ultimate Power cover by Greg Land...

the " photo swipe ". taking a photo and tracing it. can also be done in art programs like photoshop, ect.


the  " self swipe " taking ones own work, and reusing it, also known as recycling.


all together...

~ footbal scene from a recent Uncanny X-Men issue

~ cover of Uncanny X-Men #500

for more contention....

How To Draw A Beautiful Woman by Greg Land

Greg Lands sketchbook


so in your opinion, am i or anyone else wrong to not like Lands "art", which i consider an embarassment.
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whats the problem with this guys pics

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I don't see it being a big a problem when he mimics a movie poster like Army of Darkness. A lot of artists have paid homage to that. Even the Zombie Sue Storm doesn't bather me much.
It's when he copies scene from pornos, draws stupid grins, unnatural poses, copies other artists to such little detail, recycles old drawings, and when he messes up anatomy. He's been working for far too long to be making such mistakes.
I'm also sick of him drawing Emma looking like Pamela Anderson.

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HOw does he still have a freaking job.

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Man i've never really noticed his mistakes until now but on the other hand at when he draws people they look like what they're suppoused to look like aside from the stupid smiles they make that make them look like they're saying "So what are we going to do about those roll of quarters in your pocket" thanks for posting

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man, forgot i put this together.
crap,  im such a whiner. lol.

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I find it appalling that someone is allowed to trace and keep their job.Some of those swipes are almost exact copies of someone elses work.The thing is I feel there are artists that keep getting work that are worse and more one dimensional than Land.

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Dang how come when I tried to pass a trace off as my own work in art class I was gonna get an F and this clown gets a job... man I should submit my tracings to Marvel :)

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Wow...only two of those maybe could pass off as homages. The rest of that...geez!

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...I always thought tracing was a bit of a no-no when it came to art.

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New Cover for Avengers Assemble
Old Cover by Greg Land

This made me sick.

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@Arevish said:

New Cover for Avengers Assemble
Old Cover by Greg Land

This made me sick.

i know i had seen that cover before but i didn't think he went back and changed hulks color color, imean he didn't even try to change iron man or thor costumes to the new updated versions

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Wow! The company started off with Jack "King" Kirby and now they have this guy. So glad he doesn't do much work with DC.

I never was a real fan of his art. I didn't like the coloring of it and I am not a big fan of the more realistic style of art in comics. I always liked the cartoonier looking stuff of the Golden and Silver Age. Now knowing that he traces and actually seeing examples I really don't like his art. Tracing is something that young aspiring artist (like around the ages of 9 and 10) do until they try to do without the help of the source they are using. Tracing is something that aspiring inkers do. My art teacher told me once that tracing some work of your favorite artist and trying to ink it yourself is great practice for inking. However seeing someone who is getting paid and should know how to do draw...wait no not draw because everyone has their own style..., but drawing without tracing from photos and others truly makes me ticed. As a aspiring artist this makes me sick.

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I gotta get this off my chest. I don't hate artist who use photo references. I don't hate artist who recycle images of the same character (sparingly). I DO hate that Greg Land recycles facial expression for different characters. I hate how Jean Grey, Emma Frost and all the members of the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants all have the same damn face. It doesn't stop there, Psylocke has the same face, Scarlet Witch, Pixie, Hope Summers, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm, Dazzler, Black Cat, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Songbird, Spider-Woman and the list goes on. Not only is this unethical as an artist, it also robs these characters of their individuality which in turn ruins comic books as a medium of entertainment (for me anyway). One of my friends has a poster version of the cover for Phoenix Endsong in her room and every time I visit I feel ill and give her a 20 minute lecture on why she should take it down.

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I think hes a fine artist but I agree with what your saying. only thing I dotn agree with is using the Marvel Zombies Army of darkness homage cover as part of your argument, that was the whole idea of the covers, do have them looks like famous horror movies. another one looks like 28 days later, shaun of the dead and even evil dead. also the older marvel zombies all had the same gimmick for the covers. there replications of classic covers but with zombies instead.

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@Arevish said:

New Cover for Avengers Assemble
Old Cover by Greg Land

This made me sick.

i know i had seen that cover before but i didn't think he went back and changed hulks color color, imean he didn't even try to change iron man or thor costumes to the new updated versions

did he do both of these? I never realized this was such a problem among "professionals"

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