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Only the MMPR Green Ranger, the Green Zeo Ranger, and Green Turbo Rangers have appeared in comics.

TV Show

Green power ranger apperance in all seasons, but sometimes he was a ranger of time.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Green Power Ranger

Tommy Oliver, played by Jason David Frank, was the first Green Power Ranger. His powers and Power Coin were

Tommy Oliver

created by Rita Repulsa, In order to destroy the other Rangers. This started to work, but the spell that was keeping him under her control was broken, allowing Tommy to join the team as the sixith ranger. He used the Dragon Flute to summon his zord, Dragonzord, and had many weapons including the Dragon Dagger and Sheild. He was a confident and kink addition to the team, who didn't mind leading when Jason, the Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, wasn't there. He was one of the best martial artists on the team, but eventually lost his powers, sending his Zord back to the bottom of the sea, which is where it came from. The powers are still lost to this day. Tommy had a relationship with Kimberly Hart, the Pink Power Ranger, as well. Tommy would later take on the role of the White Ranger, and much later still the Red Zeo Ranger.

Power Rangers Zeo

Green Zeo Ranger

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lost their powers, they aqcuired new ones from the Zeo Crystal. The former black ranger Adam Park, played by

Adam Park

Johnny Yong Bosch, took the Green Power and became the Green Zeo Ranger. Adam controlled Zeo Zord lV and Super Zeo Zord lV. His weapon was the Power Hatchets. He is a reserved and quite kind of guy, but always is there for friends, no matter the cost. He is a great and unique martial artist, using the items around him in battle. He was close to Tanya, the Yellow Zeo Ranger, and some suspected they were dating, but it never revealed this. The Zeo powers are still intact to this day, but were inferior to the next powers.

Power Rangers Turbo

Green Turbo Ranger

Adam continued his journey as a ranger by accepting the Turbo powers. This season he was a bit more open and talkative, but his martial arts were

Adam Park

showcased quite a bit. He was second in command of the rangers and always positive about the situation at hand. He controlled the Desert Thunder Zord. His personal weapon was called the Thunder Canon which was powerful and he was extremly accurate with it. These powers were eventually transfered to Carlos Valerte, who was played by Roger Velasco, because Adam needed to move on to the next step in his life. Carlos was impulsive and not as good as a fighter, but was more outgoing and was the green ranger until the Turbo Powers were destroyed because of the destruction of the Power Chamber. He eventually was given Thunder Loader which was a new Zord for him to use. Carlos continued on to become the Black Space Ranger

Carlos Velasco

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Green Galaxy Ranger

Damon Henderson, played by Reggie Rolle, was a mechanic in the Astro Megaship after it was turned into a walk in

Damon Henderson

mueseum. He was forced to go with Kai, Blue Galaxy Ranger, to save his friends who would become power rangers. Once they go there, they aquired the Quasar Sabers which gave them their powers. Damon tended to be selfish a bit rude at first, but was a very kind guy once he got to know and love the other rangers. He controlled the Condor Galactazord and his personal weapon was the Transblaster. His powers were eventually returned to their resting place when He put his Quasar Saber back in the stone it came from.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Green Rescue Ranger

Joel Rawlings, played by Keith Robinson, was a stunt pilot and was offered to join the Lightspeed Rescue program. He

Joel Rawlings

eventually joined and became the Green Rescue Ranger. He was impulsive and cocky, but wanted what was best for others at heart. He is known for his crush on one of the Scietist of the program, Ms. Fairweather, whom he later married. He controlled the Aero Rescue Three, Rail Rescue Three, and Omega Zord Three Zords. He had many weapons, most notably the Mega Battle Armour.

Power Rangers Time Force

Green Time Force Ranger

Trip Regis, played by Kevin Kleinberg, was an alien fromt he planet Xybria. He has small mental powers that he can't quite

Trip Regis

control and come at random times. This often helped his team in bad situations. He is a very trusting and naieve person, which others take advantage of. He is a technological genious and keep the Zords and other equipment up to speed. His companion, Circuit, also helps create and maintain the Zords. He is a decent fighter and a very kind person. He controlled a Time Flier with his color on it as well as his personal weapon V3, which is in the shape of a canon.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Green Samurai Ranger

Cam Watanabe, played by Jason Chan, was the Wind Ranger's Technical genious and the son of the mentor for the rangers. His father was turned into

Cam Watanabe

a hamster at a young age and his mother killed. He had hidden martial art abilities that he hid from everyone, until he announced he wanted to be a ranger and fought some minions of Lothor's. When the rest of the rangers were in trouble, Cam went back in time and acquired the Green Samurai Powers from his mother. He then became the sixith ranger the the Ninja Storm Team. He had a special mode which was called Super Samurai Mode, in which he gained a boost in power. His personal weapon was the Samurai Saber which was in the shape of a samurai sword. His Zord, Samurai Star, had different modes and was very powerful. He eventually lost his powers and became a Ninja Master along with the other rangers.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Green S.P.D. Ranger

Bridge Carson, played by Matt Austin, is a funny guy who relies on his instinct in battle. He alot of skills which include

Bridge Carson

mechanicing, fixing technology, and alot more. He is gulible, but always pulls though for his team no matter what. He is unique in what he does and says, but is loved for that reason. He is also a very good judge of character, which he is proud of. Bridge controls the Delta Runner3 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 3 Zords. This team had many different weapons and abilities, most notably S.W.A.T. Mode, which the had to train to aquire. Bridge is promoted to Blue Ranger at the end of the series and is shown to have been further promoted to red ranger in Once A Ranger, a 15th Anniversary episode.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Green Mystic Force Ranger

Xander Bly, played by Richard Brancatisano, is a chraming and outgoing Austrailian who moved to the U.S. He is fun to

Xander Bly

hang around, but insecure on the inside because of how long he was when first arriving in America. He is very close to his friends and will do anything for them. He is known for his talkative puns in battle and his understanding of others problems. He is in control of the Mystic Minotaur Zord and his personal weapon is the Magi Staff which turns into an Axe. Xander later returns with his powers in the Once A Ranger team up.

Power Rangers RPM

Green RPM Ranger

Ziggy Grover, played by Milo Cawthorne, is a former theif and selfish con man. He is a former member of a group who

Ziggy Grover

steals, but left. He is mischievous constantly, but his heart is in the right place. He is unique in the fact that he has no fighting skills, and relys solely on luck and craftiness in battle, which usually works. He isn't the bravest person, but when It comes to those he loves, he is self-sacrificial. He wasn't meant to be a ranger, but had to bond with the morpher to keep it from Tanaya 7. He controlls the Tail Spinner Zord and his personal weapon in the Nitro Blaster.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Jake Holling
Green Super Megaforce Ranger

Jake Holling is a funny wise-cracking individual who enjoys a good laugh and at times showing off his skills of soccer and fighting to impress his friends, especially Gia whom he has a crush on. He was originally the Black Megaforce Ranger chosen by Earth's ancient guardian Gosei but later becomes the Green Super Megaforce Ranger, being the only member to receive a change in color in conjunction to upgrade. Jake is fearless and a loyal ally to his team, going to great lengths to rescue Troy all by himself while the other rangers needed much rest from their injuries. He initially didn't get along with Orion but later comes to respect for his help. Jake is uniting his friends together and pilots the Super Mega Racer Zord.

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