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Growing Up Green


Green has a natural talent at raising pokemon. Although he never realized his true potential until his rival ( Red) convinced him that a pokemon trainer can only have true power if they put there heart into caring for their pokemon first. Red and Green have a new found respect after coming to terms with this deep fact. Although they are still avid rivals, they are also best friends now. Besides that, He was raised by Chuck of Cianwood gym in Johto, which helped him train to be the trainer and person he is today.

Green's "Rocky Future"


Besides being an amazing pokemon raiser, Green is also an outstanding pokemon trainer too. Some would say that greatness is destined for Green do to the fact that he is the grandson of renowned Prof. Oak & sister Daisy that is a Contest Coordinator. But Green has paved his own path, training the young pokemon trainer Yellow in order to find his friend Red. After Giovanni left the Viridian City gym to fully take on Team Rocket Green stepped in to take on the role of gym leader. Giovanni also passed down to Green a book called 'The Mysteries of the Earth' which helped Green respect Giovanni even with all his evil doing past.

Current Pokemon Team


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