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When the Guardians were unable to reach Wissen, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 1915, they sent this trio of Lanterns to alert him to the impending destruction of his home planet Veltre. Unbeknownst to Wissen, Veltre's core had grown unstable and was in imminent danger of exploding through a phenomenon known as "the Krypton Effect".  The planet was doomed unless this team of Lanterns acted quickly.

By arriving on Veltre, the Lanterns unintentionally exposed Wissen to be a mere corpsmen and not the "god" his people believed him to be. Their presence was living proof of Wissen's deception. Wissen was humiliated, and came to realize how wrong he was to allow himself to accept the people's worship. The trio of Lanterns did more then prevent Veltre's destruction, their arrival prompted Wissen to face the fact that he was living a lie. Ultimately the people of Veltre forgave Wissen and accepted him into their community as both their protector and as a fellow citizen of Veltre.


"The Leader"
"The Leader" - The Leader of the group was a seasoned Lantern, who took charge and issued commands with ease. He was a pink skinned humanoid, who large belly could not hide his powerful frame. The Leader was a talkative sort, who sported a large walrus-like mustache and mane of white hair. When the Lanterns arrived on Veltre, the Leader took charge and briefed Wissen of the impending danger. In short order, the Leader was ordering Wissen and his team into orbit where they would complete a complex repair of the planets core. The Leader displayed a slight annoyance at Wissen's inattention to the repairs of his own planet, and chastised him to concentrate on the task at hand.
The Leader rouses a distracted Wissen

"The Orange Woman"
"The Orange Woman" - This female Lantern was distinguished by her orange hued skin, facial markings, and shocking hair. In all other respects, the Orange Woman, had the build of an athletic and attractive human woman. She did not interact much with Wissen but she expressed concern over Wissen's somber mood, and asked her fellow Lantern if they could help him with anything else before they left Veltre.
Concern for a trouble Lantern

"The Turtle Lantern"
"The Turtle Lantern" - An Alien Lantern whose species evolved from turtle-like creatures into an intelligent bipedal species. The "Turtle Lantern" stood a head shorter then the Leader and looked like a giant turtle, complete with green amphibian skin and a hard shell. Clad in a white and green uniform, the Turtle Lantern was a unique looking officer. He expressed an annoyance at having been called away from his Sector, and implored the talkative Leader to get on with the mission, stating that he had pressing business of his own to attend to. When the task was complete, the impatient Turtle Lantern was the first to fly away from Veltre.
The Turtle Lantern did not hide his impatience and desire to return to his own Sector

The Saviors have not been seen since their actions on Veltre and their ultimate fate remains unknown. However, their heroic deeds will forever be remember by Wissen and the grateful people of his home world.

The Saviors have passed into Corps history; their ultimate fate unknown

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