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As a lonely Green Arrow visits Black Canary in a little Midwestern town, he drops off a box of roses that when opened frees two flying harpies who attack. However they manage to escape the room but upon looking back find the monsters gone, and the room empty with nothing but the box of roses much to their surprise as they decide to seek out Green Lantern for his expertise in strangeness.Green Lantern then receives a telegram rushing to his friend's aid, only to be met in his but meets the two harpies who lead him to an abandoned building. Once he entered he is met by a woman by the name of the Witch-Queen,who challenges him to a battle.However Hal refuses to hit a woman, but soon regrets it when he sucked into her yellow scepter with no ability to resist his being sucked into the Dimension of the Furies.Fearing for their friend the two begin to search the box for clues, finding a diamond in the box with no knowledge of how it came to be there.The two then arrive to the shop only be ambushed by a group of warriors who knock Green Arrow through a window and prepare to kill him while being ordered to spare the Canary. However Black Canary refuses to step aside defeating the group in combat, and is begged to join to avenge the wrongs women have endured through the ages.

Green Arrow and Black Canary are then led by the "Amazons" to the Witch-Queen in an effort to prove their words to be true,while back in the building the Witch-Queen talks with a Sinesto. However as she attempts to give him the gem imprisoning Green Lantern she is stopped by the arrival of Green Arrow, who manages to disarm Sinestro's ring with a well places arrow. Green Arrow then defeats Sinestro in unarmed combat, as Black Canary defeats the Witch-Queen saving Green Arrow's life.Black Canary then enters the alternate dimension to lead Green Lantern out alongside the Amazons, who has since been brought before Medusa to be sentenced to death for being a man.However before he can be killed Black Canary and the Amazon Leader manages to dissuade Medusa who releases him,Black Canary and Green Lantern then escape leaving the Amazons once again trapped, returning to their dimension and reuniting with Green Arrow.

As a man and a child walk down the street he bumps into a young woman, and in retaliation he urges the child to make her sorry which she mysteriously does causing the woman to fall to the ground. While elsewhere Hal and Olliver have driven Dinah to a private school so she can regain meaning in her life by teaching children,however Black Canary has a hunch of danger with Hal using his ring to have the group switch into their costumed alteregos as a swarm of birds dives at them.Green Arrow using a subsonic manages to stop them, but it causes a large branch to fall forcing Green Lantern to save him and send the birds miles away from the group.They then accompany Dinah to the front door, where she meets Grandy and Jason Belmore the school's owner,however his voiced displeasure of costume vigilantes convinces the two heroes to leave. However once outside Grandy convinces a little girl the two are bad men and for her to make them sorry,while outside the two traveling back to the car are met by a wheel chair bound Carol Ferris.She is then place in their car as she tells them of the result of her paralysis, and her worry for her fiance Jason Belmore, head of the school.However as the three drive, the car falls apart sending them over a cliff as Green Lantern saves the trio, who decides to return to the school to investigate. The three then return to the school hiding in a barn in the middle of a thunder storm, while in the school Dinah releases her kids early from class feeling a lack of laughter is the school's problem. However Grandy seeing this tells her that night she is going to be punished for her actions.

She then quickly changes into her Black Canary costume, and is quickly spotted by Grandy who orders Belmore to subdue her.She then defeats the two men but the little girl uses her mysterious power to bring her down, Grandy then removes the wig learning her true identity and having several children drag her to the basement for punishment. She then wakes up and learns she will be killed by Grandy through multiple nests of wasps, locking her in with hundreds of angry wasps. While Green Arrow and Green Lantern have returned to the school and meet Belmore who leads them to Dinah,however there found by Grandy and the children who quickly attack as the heroes are brought down by the young psychic. However Green Arrow overcomes the pain after hearing a scream from Dinah manages to briefly overcome the pain and stop the young girl. The two heroes manage to save Black Canary as Green Arrow stays with her, as Green Lantern goes after Grandy upon guessing he's responsible for Carol's paralysis.He then orders the young girl to hurt Green Lantern but she finally refuses getting a slap in return, causing her anger to grow with which she bring down the school with her powers as Green Lantern manages to get everyone out of the rest wing. The group then prepare to take Dinah to the hospital, as Green Lantern having witnessed Green Arrow's love for Dinah reveals his identity to Carol expressing his feelings as he leaves with Carol.

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