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I have just decided to start reading the most recent Green Lantern series and I was wondering if anyone thinks that I should read this as well. I kinda want to see Hal Jordan lose his mind (not really but, you know) but I am not sure if i should invest the time to read the whole volume.

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if you are interested in only that then you should read emerald dawn I,II and emerald twilight. its actually a very good story! especially if your a strong green lanter fan you should read all of volume 3. most of the stuff from volume 3 actually ties to volume 4 nd the new 52 nd so on. vol.1, and vol2. r good two if you like cheesy classic comic stories but not exactly his first adventures :p but yaa volume 3 and up are all good stories.

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That's not the most recent series though, the most recent series is when he comes back from the dead.

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