Why Was Green Lantern Movie Hated So Much?

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

it sounds like we should just agree to disagree.

All right. Nice chat. :]

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@Xanni15 said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

it sounds like we should just agree to disagree.

All right. Nice chat. :]

: )

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Because it tried to do too much in one movie. It wasn't as good as it could and should have been.

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Because Berlanti and Guggenheim... Berlaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnntiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and GUGGEN-HEIM.

Two mad little men with their mad little scripts, always scampering about, looking for your favorite characters. Just so they can bind them, and grrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiind them, and CRUNCH THEM INTO itty-bitty pieces, laughing as you cry.


i drive the pencils into my eyes, deeper and deeper, BUT IT NEVER KILLS THE LAAAAAAUUUUUGHIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

No. no i'll be good now. i'll watch arrow like a good little girl. look how much i love arrow. aha. hahaha.


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Twas okay.

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Because DC fans have been waiting for years for something other than Batman to get green-lighted, and after all that waiting they got a pretty lame Green Lantern movie. At the same time Marvel pumps out 4 movies a year and 90% of them were better.

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I wouldn't say I hated it. It was just disappointing. It was just mediocre. The two major things they got wrong were Hal's character and using Parallax as a villain. Hal whined too much and quit, which is not what willpower is about. I could understand if he doubted himself at some point, hit a low point, but he should have picked himself up and trudged on. Not outright quit. And Parallax is too big a villain to use in the first movie. And it shouldn't have been a giant space cloud. What's with movies and making villains into space clouds? I'm looking at YOU, Galactus!

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Both villains were extraordinarily terrible.

This. Good villains, horrible execution
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I wish, as the first of any Green Lantern film they went more in depths with the origin of Hal Jordan and his early adventures with the Corps and mentor, Sinestro. With the 2nd film being more of Sinestro's Corps and his attack on the Green Lanterns with more in depths of the Guardians of the Universe...and so forth going onto the 3rd film being the conclusion where they depict the "War of the Green Lanterns". The whole thing with parallax being depicted as a dark cloud that appeared from space wasn't really that intriguing. Ryan Reynolds fit Hal Jordan, but needs to be more toned, yet still a classy kind of guy if he wants the role again.

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1) The costume was horrible

2) The plot was basically the popular kid beating up the geek, the complete opposite of what most people would relate to.

3) Nathan Fillion wasn't cast as Hal.

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It was fine, people saying stuff like "this movie ruined the comic book genre" and treating it like Catwoman is a complete overreaction, the main problem was the villains and the focus on stuff that didn't need that much focus, mainly the location of Earth, the movie should've stayed in space, and if they really felt the need to put so much Earth in the movie, try Hal have a character arc or some kind of development, try really go indepth to his inner struggles of what he's going through, if not, they just should've kept it in space, it would've been miles better and people would've gotten what they were expecting. Another problem was the use of the effects, not the effects itself, they were REALLY good, but how they used them, a big problem that I always thought when talking about a GL movie was how they were going to show the constructs and the powers without it feeling cartoonish, just because it works in comics and animation doesn't mean it would translate well to the big screen, stuff like the giant fist or a machine gun were fine, but pulling off a hot wheels track? For God's sake!

The casting was great imo, Mark Strong as Sinestro, Ryan Reynolds as Hal (yes, he was good), Michael Clark Duncan as Kilowog (R.I.P.), they were all outstanding, only real problem in this regard was the villains, and everybody knows why.

And the last "big problem" that I had was the post-credit scene, in paper it's awesome! A sequel promising Sinestro Corps War? It would litterally be the perfect sequel, but Sinestro putting the ring came out of nowhere, there was mention of it, but no build up, another problem that would've been solved if the movie stayed in space, that way Sinestro could of had some actual development. In my opinion, a better post-credit scene would've been Hal showing sings of being possesed by Parallax, hell, even a scene with Guy Gardner getting the ring would've been better.

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It was a very poor film, Mark Strong was a great choice for Sinestro however its just a shame he never had much to do. Ryan Renolds sucked as Hal.

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I hated it bc of Hector Hammond and Parallax basically being a tainted gaurdian

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i was just about to ask this.

people can't appreciate decent movies. all movies have to be a 10 out of 10 anything lower then you get people acting like fools bashing a good movie.

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With a 200 million dollar budget, they could have done something way better than this crap.

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Because it was bad, simple as that. And the worst part is that it wasn't laughably bad like Batman and Robin, Catwoman or both of the Ghost Rider movies, it was plain bad: the most boring variety of bad ever conceived.

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It was only a little bit worse than Man of Steel- enjoyable to watch, but not a great flick... but it left you feeling good at the end, so there's that... Man of Steel didn't


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