Who is the greatest green lantern of all time

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@longbowhunter said:

Maybe not the greatest, but he's the most entertaining. My favorite is definitely Guy! 
ha ha ha
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@Billy Batson said:
@Silkcuts said:
@Billy Batson said:

Tbh it's Hal but Sodam Yat will be the greatest. 


With the DCU going away from Alan Moore Mythos, I am likely to believe Yat will not be the greatest since Alan Moore created him in Tygers, which was first printed in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 in 1986.  Didn't Mogo die as well?  Another Moore creation.

Yeah I read the story. So is Yat leaving the DCU? Haven't been keeping up with the revamp. 


I haven't been keeping up as well, blackest night's ending left a bad taste in my mind and then I got Brightest Day 24, because of John Constantine and again it smelled of skimming money of the fans.  Haven't heard that Yat is leaving, likely not, since the reason American Comics never keep characters truly dead is to protect the intellectual property, if the character is not in use for a certain amount of time, print, TV, film, whatever, then it becomes public domain, Turok can explain this better then I can.  But even if Yat is going to be suppressed because of his Alan Moore relations, he will at least be in use one way or another. 
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@Silkcuts said:
@Billy Batson said:

Tbh it's Hal but Sodam Yat will be the greatest. 


With the DCU going away from Alan Moore Mythos, I am likely to believe Yat will not be the greatest since Alan Moore created him in Tygers, which was first printed in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 in 1986.  Didn't Mogo die as well?  Another Moore creation.
Where did you hear this?

The "De-Alan-Moore-Afication" is one of the many talks of the internet, especially now with his Swamp Thing origin reverted and Mogo dead.  I am surprised John Constantine is in the DCU when he was Alan Moore greatest creation.  Even with John Constantine, they are ruining the character from what Alan Moore, Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis help create.  Many of the things Alan Moore did in the DCU is being reverted if you are familiar with what he did and what Geoff Johns is doing.  In Tygers Yat and the Blackest Night prophecy were introduced, after Blackest Night Yat was not the Greatest, but Sinestro was kind of considered.
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1. Sinestro 
2. Hal 
3. Stewart / Rayner / Guy / Kilowog 
Honorable Mention: Alan Scott
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More and more, I find it to be John Stewart, hands down.  For the longest time, from reading Blackest Night and the preceding issues leading up to it, followed by Brighest Day, I used to think of Hal Jordan being the best, but now, after giving thought and consideration, it has to be John Stewart.  Can't stand Kyle Rayner.

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Kyle Rayner

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Ryan Reynolds

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Dkrtzy RRR 
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John Stewart.

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I like Kyle the most(the most creative and unique and in terms of coolness I think he's the coolest GL)
 I'm sure Hal will win the popularity vote... overall
While classic GL no doubt Alan Scott

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Hal freaking Jordan. John Stewart is also awespme. Not trying to offend anyone but I would actually be happy if DC killed off Kyle and Guy, especially Guy. I have my reasons but I just cannot be bothered to list them. P.s the first green lantern I had knowledge of and read about was Kyle Rayner, just letting you know so I am not dubbed a hal jordan fanboy.
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My favorite is Kyle,i like his personality more and I'm a fan of his constructs but the greatest of all is Hal Jordan.

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Hal Jordan. We wouldn't even be discussing this without him.

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Kyle Rayner :-)

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yea man gotta give it to Hal

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@Batmarcus: Either Kyle Rayner or Sinestro!

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@Samimista said:

John Stewart and Kyle Rayner
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I vote for Kilowog or Mogo.

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what about g'hu an almighty green lantern who is so cool

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Between Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan.

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Hmm, in my opinion there are only 3 (Possbly 4) that canever be considered. In order, say its:

1. Hal Jordan

2. Kyle Rayner

3. Abin Sur

Really, these 3 are just SO well known hat I feel it should be self-explanatory. People might disagree obviously due to personal tastes and different classifications of the term "Greatest", but I think everyone can agree these 3 alway deserve to be considered. Now, for my possible 4th pick:

4. Sodam Yat

This is entirely based off Alan Moore's ancient prophecy from Tales of the Green Lanern Corps (Can be found on Amazon) that Yat would be known as the greatest green lantern. During the Sinetro Corps War, I honestly thought they were finally getting ready to put Moore's prophecy into effect, but they haven't. In fact, it seems they're doing the opposite with the death of Mogo and Sodam's loss of the Ion entity.

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Sinestro. All others are inferior.

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Kyle, it's not even close. 

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well according to the comics it is Hal...

but i mean there are soo many cool green lanterns..But id have to go with Kyle Rayner , i mean for a guy who just happened to walk out of a bar an artist, and then become a green lantern and take on the responsibility of restoring the corps, becoming host to ION, and currently in the new 52 he was able to wield ALL the rings..and that act even stunned the guardians! plus if it wasnt for kyle i probably wouldn't have event stumbled across green lantern comics! so not only is kyle is my favorite but he is arguably the best of them all! but there are alotta cool lanterns out there, kilowog, guy gardner..oh and definitely john Stewart has to be up there. he does what he has to get his job done..even if it means killing off his teammates (unfortunately about 3 times to many though :/)

and currently i think his series : Green Lantern: New Guardians is the best of this new 52 by far! :D

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Hal. Nuff said.

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For the trials & errors he went through becoming the greatest Green Lantern that has ever placed a ring on their right hand while reciting the oath, I believe Hal Jordan of Earth fits the part. As Sinestro was labeled the greatest Green Lantern ever lived, he had no control over his willpower and played against it, creating the monster inside of him today. So in my eyes, because of Jordan going through the Hells of Ryut and back and actually overcoming fear itself makes him one the most greatest Lantern that has EVER lived, alongside Abin Sur, who also had some long-overdued sins that had to be taken care of, as well.

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Definitely Kyle

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Alan Scott
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DC Lanterns of the Universe
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