The Green Lantern: The Animated Series Thread

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Who else saw today's episode? AWESOME!

I'm loving this cartoon. I know I made a stink about it being in CGI rather than hand-drawn before, but at this point, it's all forgiven. The show has been fantastic. And this week's episode may have been the best yet.

The origin of the Blue Lantern Corps has begun. There was a battle against a large faction of Red Lanterns, we saw the GLs get a power-boost from Ganthet's first Blue Lantern (object, not person). And Ganthet is banned from the The Guardians of the Universe and OA! And OA is currently defenseless as Ali Apsa (one of The Guardians of the Universe) has sent them all to The Forbidden Sector to aid Hal Jordan & Kilowog, which will take an entire year for them to arrive.

I can't for next week's episode!

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I've heard good things, Should probably check it out.

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The show is "eh" for me... But if it's good, i'm glad. Glad to hear that DC is pulling off that CGI stuff and proving they have a good show there.

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Someone said the red lantern were in the first episode, But sinestro's not in the series? WTF?

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Use all Lanterns in this show










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I've heard only good things about this show, I'll have to find a way to watch it that doesn't involve waking up on Saturday morning.

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I watched one episode and.. eh. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't that good. Not enough to really grab me and make me want to watch more.

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@utotheg38 said:

Someone said the red lantern were in the first episode, But sinestro's not in the series? WTF?

Oh I'm sure he will be, along with the Sinestro Corps. The yellow crystals the GLs encountered in a past episodes seems to be a precursor to The Sinestro Corps. When near them, the GLs would experience their worse fears. I think this was the 2nd episode, because they were still treating Razor as the enemy and were taking him to a prison.

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In the recent promo I saw thanagarians.It's hawkman time.

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The series has been getting better as it goes on.  It seems like the writers may be gearing up for a "war of light" storyline sometime in the future.  We've already seen Green Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Star Sapphires(Violet Lanterns) and the creation of a Blue Lantern, as well as an appearance of a non-lantern weilding Saint Walker.  The writers are taking a VERY slow approach to exploring the different lantern corps and colors, but everytim,e they do the show gets better.  It's still not as good as Young Justice or Avengers: Earths MIghtiest Heroes, but give it a second chance.  You may like it.     

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Does anyone know if there is going to be a second season?

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As I had mentioned in another thread.

Honestly, I was a bit let down with this series. I felt that the stories told in the episodes were decent enough, but lacked depth and conviction due to the choice of animation for series.

It stands to be the kind of element that will ruin the show before it has a chance to actually begin to get interesting. The powers that be should have taken into better account that certain animation styles work for certain genres. Just because it worked for "Starwars The Clone Wars" does not mean it will work for Green Lantern stories.

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