The Blackest Night

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I've been thinking, DC might have Sinestro come to the side of the angels, at least for this story arc. The classic Geoff Johns setups have already been sprinkled around...

Johns keeps reiterating the relationship Hal and Sin had before he was booted from the Corps...

In that Black Mercy story, Hal was dreaming of a perfect life where he and Sinestro were the best of friends...

The Tales of the Sin Corps backup on Sinestro hinted (through the villains POV) that Sin was the greatest GL ever...and would be again...

Sin seemed very pleased about the 10 new laws of the Book Of Oa. He also said he wanted change in the Corps, but couldn't make it happen from within...

The Blackest Night teaser claims that fear and willpower will have to come together to stop the Black Lanterns...

I've got a feeling that Sinestro is doing a lot of this to make the Corps what he thought it SHOULD have been. Could we see an uneasy alliance between Hal and Sin for the greater good in Blackest Night?

Or is this all a buildup to something more?

The redemption of the greatest villain in GL history, and one of the best known DC villains?

I can see Sinestro doing the 'Darth Vader redemption at the cost of his own life' turn to good. He's simply killed too many beings and destroyed too many lives to take seriously as a hero again.

But a villain that dies as a hero?

Now THAT'S good storytelling and perfect Johns logic that all of us would be talking about and debating for YEARS to come, whether or not it gets undone by a subsequent writer.



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i would truly like to see Sinestro. if it pans out that way i might pic up GL

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Well, its clear that after Final Crisis, that this is going to be the main event that people are wondering about. Some of my friends want to see this more in stead of Final Crisis...I have to agree as well. I want to see a colossus war between all Lantern corpses.

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It does seem that that is what is being set up. Of course, I wouldn't put it past them to make it a double bluff. Sinestro was a dictator, even as a GL, so maybe they're setting Hal up to try to redeem him (Hal tried to set the Spectre up as an Angel of Redemption and was himself redeemed) but failing which will lead into something else, possibly the Light War.

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Cosmic Sentinel says:

"It does seem that that is what is being set up. Of course, I wouldn't put it past them to make it a double bluff. Sinestro was a dictator, even as a GL, so maybe they're setting Hal up to try to redeem him (Hal tried to set the Spectre up as an Angel of Redemption and was himself redeemed) but failing which will lead into something else, possibly the Light War."

Good theory.

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I dont know if anyone else said this but couldnt Krona be the leader of the black lanterns ?

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notice the comments about white lanterns and tim's dad

DiDio mentions a change in the DC panel format. Mentions audience is sometimes confusing and that they don't directly answer questions. DiDio asks who wants to know what's going on in the DCU - bunch of panelists raise their hands.

DiDio recaps recent events in DCU because slides aren't ready. Mentions Blackest Night, Sinestro Corps and Secret Origins. DiDio mentions Countdown and that it ends next week. Mentions DC Universe Zero. 50 cents. A little bit of everything coming for the next year in the DCU. Some surprises in there as well. DC Universe Zero is a bit of a thank you to those who stuck with 52 and Countdown. Mentions Final Crisis. Asks audience for details on the series. Jokes that there are seven issues so that's seven Flashes dead.

Presentation ready!

DiDio calls this the "DC Nation Time Boards".

"Submit. Who is Wonder Dog. 100% Alien. 52-1 = 0. He is the Force. Mercy Ruling." Lots more on the board, but it was only up for 15 seconds.

Asks panel what Final Crisis is - "The Day Evil Wins"

Jann Jones mentions Ambush Bug is in Crisis.

White Lanterns? "Maybe."

Tim Drake's father is coming back in Blackest Night. Loved ones will be coming back.

New promotional buttons this year.

Recap of Crisis. Seven issues. Morrison. Jones. Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds by Johns. Crisis: Revelations by Rucka. Series of one-shots: Requiem (for a character), Superman Beyond by Morrison & Loprestri (3-D!), Submit and Resist (both by Rucka/Morrison and Johns). Rogues' Revenge by Johns is another mini as well.

Sattler mentions "Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns."

Blackest Night plays across the Lantern books. Similar to Sinestro Corps.

Wonder Woman details: Huge story coming up. Some of the best scientists in the world have a formula to take down Wonder Woman. New Rogues gallery. Someone believes Amazons are failed experiment and try to create their own. New Wonder Woman for them who will be a man. DiDio jokes about calling them "Manazons."

Trinity. For a year. Only within that book. Works similar to 52 in that it will eventually fit into the DCU but not right away. Events of Trinity will have an impact in 2009. Features Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Plot threads in Justice League #0 being touched upon soon? Maybe one of them.

Something in the works with Brad Meltzer that might touch upon that soon.

Teen Titans thread - Cassie's relationship with Ares. Big plans for the end of the year.

Captain Carrot in Final Crisis? No plans at this time.

Coming soon for kids - Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Great. Landry Quinn and Eric Jones. Six issue mini in the Fall.

DiDio wants to take the main characters and make them really accessible to kids.

British heroes in the DCU? Looking to expand the scope of the DCU. Morrison did the Chinese group. Japanese group on the way.

Expanding Blue Beetle's role? Weaker sales but strong support. In May, Beetle #26 is entirely in Spanish with English script in the back. Deals with a family reunion.

Krypto? Huge Superman retreat recently and Krypto is all over the place. (btw Wonder Dog in Teen Titans)

Countdown to Villains poster explanation? DiDio said another DC Nation column will explain in the future.

Is Batman going to die? Puts it to the panel with varying results of yes, no, twice. Giffen - "God willing." Wayne - "Not in a movie year!"

"Didn't Batman die in Batman & Robin?" - Giffen.

"We all died a little bit." - Wayne

Sinestro's sister the Witch Queen? Johns - "Yes."

When will we see huge Action Comics storyline you mentioned? Johns - not quite like Sinestro, but these are plans with James Robinson through somewhere like 2010. Each story counts for the next thing and it builds and builds.

Next Absolute is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier. Absolute Frank Miller's Ronin as well.

Superman Prime in Final Crisis? Legion of 3 Worlds. All over that.

Arthur Curry? DiDio surveys who is the real Aquaman and what he looks like.

Gaps in history of Superman - when answered? Johns says it's figured out and you'll see very soon. Won't say if he wore a suit in Smallville.

In Trinity Batman is Bruce Wayne. Happens some time before Final Crisis.

Fan says solution to Aquaman problem is Geoff Johns.

Catwoman cancelled? Yes, true. Doesn't mean you won't see the character in the DCU.

Why can't we get all the Flashes in one book consistently? "They're too fast. It's like gathering cats."

Seriously though, DiDio mentions there's a lot of stuff going on but that there are some great things coming. Mentions 5 key franchises: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lantern and Flash.

Geoff Johns is off with Booster Gold 1,000,000.

JSA Annual in July. "Welcome to Earth-2". Jerry Ordway on art. Batman's daughter will be there.

Following the Annual is new ongoing serie - Power Girl - by Palmiotti, Justin Gray with Amanda Connor on art.

Gary Frank on Action Comics - how long? "Forever." - Johns

A question about prep work on 52/Countdown seemed to anger DiDio. DiDio mentions that Countdown disappointed, but that a lot of hard work into it. Regardless, that they won't disappoint again.

Young Justice collection? No plans.

Manhunter starting with old numbering why? It was same writer and character, didn't make sense to relaunch.

Mark Waid on Brave/Bold until when? Issue #16.

Might see some more Multiverse characters in Final Crisis.

Superman Red/Blue hint? No answer.

More Kingdom Come characters? No, but next arc is called "Black Adam & Isis".

Any extra publicity for all Spanish issue? "It doesn't matter. No one is going to be able to understand it." - Giffen.

End Panel

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I guess the white lanterns will be the combination of all the other Corps...

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I hope there won't be white lanterns, that won't really make sense given what the current corpses stand for.

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Cosmic Sentinel says:

"I hope there won't be white lanterns, that won't *really* make sense given what the current corpses stand for."

well ya never know what the white corps may stand for... white power?^^ lol jk

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Nightranger says:

"All I want is for Hal Jordan to die."

And Everyone wants you to stop posting but you don't, so STFU

I think that Sinestro is planning this, to die a hero, i mean, he always bangs on about how the corps has changed and how it would be if he was to run it. If Hal and Sin teamed up to battle the Black Lanterns, they would lead the corps.

This would be an excellent story arc in itself too, as in GL Vol.4 around issue #21 i think it is, the guardians ask Hal Jordan to lead the corps and he says something like:-

"There are only 2 people you asked to do that, me and Sinestro, and under the pressure, we both caved"

Well i havn't read it in a while but that's basically the gyst of it, so if them too where to team up, they could lead the G/Y L Corps to victory.

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I think I'm just as excited about the build up story that leads in to Blackest Night myself, so far I'm lovin' the twist in Hal's secret origin. And
I can't wait to see how all the other Corps are formed and who's on what team. I think ya might see corpsmen flippin' sides during this War of Seven Corps thing. And the way I understand it that war happens before Blackest Night. SO BUCKLE UP KIDS!!!

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