Sinestro Corps War in Continuity

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I believe I have found where it fits in regards to JSA.

Sin Corps Special shows the JLA fighting Zoom in Keystone City, but he escapes. Sinestro War starts.

JSA #8 we see the JSA going after Zoom in Keystone City shortly after he had a run in with the League. Therefore I think the Sin Corps war took place during JSA #8 and was probably over by the time JSA #9 began, because otherwise you would be sure KC Supes would have been fighting the Sin Corps and or Prime.

I think the Sin Corps war took about 2 days or so, meaning there was probably 3 days between JSA #8 and #9, first day they were skiing, then they battled the Sin Corps, then JSA #9 starts.

Trying to match this up with JLA has been impossible so far. All I can think of is that it takes place after Monitor Duty (JLA #12) but prior to the Wedding Special. The Sin Corps Special part with the JLA might as well be JLA #12.5.

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i place it a bit earlier because of the involvement with Supergirl and Superman in the corps war, which happened in the Supergirl issue 23...


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Earlier than what? The JSA or the JLA?

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only a few issues though because of Batman's appearance... i could be wrong though because Batman's continuity is always moving about with the JLA continuity lol


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To be honest, I think trying to pinpoint it is nearly impossible. And I only read JLA, JSA and GL (well, Booster, CDtoAdventure and Lord Havok, but they have nothing to do with this) so to try to match up all the heroes that showed up is probably pointless. You're probably right in regards to the JLA, and I just found out that it was "a couple days ago" that the JLA battled Zoom before the JSA got to him, so I'm probably wrong on that too. :sigh:

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yeah... with all the stuff thats going on in the DCU at the moment, it's proving impossible to track down a definite answer to when everythings happening in regards to everything else...

especially with people like Booster Gold messing up the timeline lol


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If I was in charge of DC, I would issue a mandatory bi-yearly or even quarterly continuity list in the DC Nation blurb at the back of comics. Not only would it help readers, it would ensure the people at DC are actually aware of what other people are doing, and also keep everything in order. However I doubt DC could even do that right now...

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lol... trying to sort out continuity is a nightmare...

i've got one worse and am trying to map the entire 52 lol


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