Shouldn't a Green Lantern be able to move at FTL speeds?

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I know a Green Lantern can travel through space, but how exactly do they do this (i.e. wormholes, warp, hyperspace, etc.)? I mean they have to be able to move at faster then light speeds to move farther then a light year right and if they can use their rings to move at FTL speeds then have they ever used this ability in combat?

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I believe it has to entering some sort of hyper/warp-space, but I'd love to know (for sure) also.

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In order to traverse the galaxy, yes they'd need FTL speeds, and matching reflexes so they don't crash into asteroids.

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They pretty much have to be

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Reflexes and combat speed would be something the rings probably couldn't influence. They can only think so fast. What does fighting at FTL speeds really mean though?

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Actually they have to be a lot FLT since at light speed it'd probably take a few thousand years to get from Earth to Oa

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I'd be interested to hear an explanation on how GLs keep their body from getting crushed when they enter FTL speeds considering mass gets more concentrated the faster it moves.

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They don't have to.

The DC Universe is small.

Every other planet is some kilometers in distance away from eachother.

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I think it's hyperspace

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One good thing about the rings, is you can basically just say "it's magic". And I don't mean that it's a cop-out. The energy is supposed to be refined from the magical energy of the star-heart (or w/e...that part of GL history is convoluted in my brain) and comics say magic is just energy science can't explain/understand there's not a lot of need to explain how the rings (/energy) can accomplish what they can.

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Maybe Green Lanterns only pretend to fly fast but they actually cheat and just teleport.

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@Pokeysteve: The would require near FLT reflexes to avoid slamming into planets, asteroids and other stuff that tends to move around in space. That awesome power ring doesn't mean anything if you hit rock at a few million miles per second

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I've always thought they could travel FTL.

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@MrDirector786 said:

I've always thought they could travel FTL.

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To be frank, no one should be able to move Ftl.

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I was under the impression the Green Lanterns got from their sector to Oa and back again via some-kind of portal or hyperspace flight, but can only go those distances.

it can be said that they can move and fight pretty quickly if they can will themselves to do it, as if to augment their physical abilities, but, this isn't seen very often in comparison to the use of constructs.

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Surprising no one has found some scan of it being described. I'm pretty sure I remember it being mentioned in pre-52 GL or GLC (but that's a ton of issues to skim through with no idea where to start).

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They should be able to.

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Wow, those rings are even cooler than I thought if they enable FTL speed.

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Those rings are like miracle machines maybe.

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I've been reading the Sinestro Corps crossover and from what I've read they fly though something called trans-luminal space. They don't really get into specifics about it.

Also I looked this up on a few threads where fans asked the same question. Here are some of the answers I found...

Ebon @ THREAD: Can a green lantern use their rings to move faster? @

GL's create wormholes , bypassing the roughly four million light years between galaxies (galaxy distribution is startlingly even). Some use black holes to travel, emerging from the corresponding white hole.

I think there was some mention during Kyle's turn as GL that he could roughly duplicate pretty much every power in the JLA, but he wasn't quite as good as the 'original' source because they had more practice with that power.

Depending on who you talk to, you still can't really go faster than the speed of light in the normal DC universe - you have to either use wormholes, hyperspace or some other workaround. In the past, exceeding the speed of light either threw you into the Time Barrier, or you wound up at the Rock of Eternity, which was a cosmic waystation allowing you access to all of time and space.

BTW, any green lantern can travel faster than flash. Flash is limited to the speed of light, wheras a GL can trave across the entire universe within a matter of days or less.


Movement capabilities:

  • Relatively instantaneous transport across the galaxy and other distances through generated wormholes
  • Teleportation (an ability that has not been used in quite some time and is outside the ability of modern Green Lanterns. In modern stories, only the Indigo Rings allow instantaneous teleportation)
  • Pre-Crisis, the rings allowed for travel faster than the speed of light.
  • Time travel, though several power rings are needed to complete this.

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