My Favorite Lanterns of All-Time

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Well without the pretty pictures, it would look something like:

  1. John Stewart
  2. Larfleeze
  3. Scarecrow's Super short time in the Sinestro Corps
  4. Sinestro
  5. Nekron (if he counts, I know he's an entity)
  6. Arkillo
  7. Isamot Kol
  8. Saint Walker
  9. Hal Jordan
  10. Kilowog
  11. Mogo
  12. B'dg
  13. Atrocitus
  14. Skallox
  15. Dex-Starr
  16. Superboy Prime
  17. Salaak
  18. Tomar Re
  19. Kyle Rayner
  20. Guy Gardner
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You put Volthoom first? Curious. He is pretty cool though. 
1. Kyle Rayner 
2. Hal jordan 
3. Simon Baz 
4. Larfleeze 
5. Anti-monitor 
6. Nekron 
7. Superboy-Prime 
8. Sinestro 
9. Atrocitus 
10. Arkillo  
11.Guy gardner
12. Ganthet 
13. Saint Walker 
14. Black Hand 
15. The weaponer 
16. Munk 
17. Hannu 
18. Dex-Starr 
20. Lex Luthor 

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@highaccuser: I recently rearranged my top 20 list to a more reasonable order. However, I listed them in 2 different orders based off of my personal references. They can either be of brute power, from first hand experiences and adventures, or just their overall character; these 3 traits helped me list them they way I did. Great list you guys have, as well. Nice work!

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