Green Lantern The Animated Series

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Anyone watching this?

I thought its a great show with one of the best animations. I mean have anyone saw the latest episode?

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I saw the pilot at comicon last year. It was ok, but obviously didn't make me wanna watch the whole series. I dislike this animation.

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At first, i thought the animation was quite awful. But after two or three weeks, those visual didnt bother me that much.

This said, i really like the quality of the plots and storylines. It's really interesting, and for once, even someone like who's not that much into Hal Jordan, can appreciate the animated series.

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It is a very good show, I have seen all 13 episodes and plan to buy the Season 1 DVD (20$ btw, good price). The animation is spectacular and I could not honestly imagine the series would look as good if it was the regular 2-d cartoon.

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Honestly, I was a bit let down with this series. I felt that the stories told in the episodes were decent enough, but lacked depth and conviction due to the choice of animation for series.

It stands to be the kind of element that will ruin the show before it has a chance to actually begin to get interesting. The powers that be should have taken into better account that certain animation styles work for certain genres. Just because it worked for "Starwars The Clone Wars" does not mean it will work for Green Lantern stories.

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