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I was wondering if anybody could tell me if Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors was any good and should I pick it up? also what is a good recent pre-new 52 book  that features Kyle Rayner?

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I enjoyed Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. There was some funny scenes in it. I like Guy so maybe that's why it was appealing to me. New Guardians is the recent book with Kyle as the main character. Voodoo also had Kyle in, but that was because the person that worked on Voodoo at the beginning was Ron Marz, Kyle Rayner's creator. Most of his work nowadays is at Top Cow.

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Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors was pretty good. Pick up Green Lantern: New guardians if you want to read about Kyle.

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Kyle Rayner was the only lantern starting in Green Lantern Vol 3 Issue 51-the end of Vol. 3 pretty much.

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@Supreme Marvel@RyuHayabusa: Yea I was reading that (need to catch up) I was hoping for some pre-DCnU books though 
@Mortacai: Ok thanks
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Want to read Kyle. Begin with, if you can volume 3 issue 48. Kyle's first appearance. Then he becomes a GL in issue 51. Grant Morrison's JLA is a very good read with good showings for Kyle.

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I'd recommend Emerald Warriors, it was a fun series and Guy was awesome in it. I only wish the relaunch didn't hit it so early, it was probably going to do some awesome stuff with Sodam Yat.

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Haven't read Emeralds Warriors. But as far as New Gaurdians goes I think it's the best of the Green Lantern books.

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@spiderbat87: If you want to read stories that are really good with Kyle, I'd read JLA. That's what got me really in to Kyle Rayner. Also, Volume three is his solo book, but I haven't read any of that. When Hal returns and reboots GL into Volume 4, Kyle's adventures continue in Green Lantern Corps.

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