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I've been trying to get into the Green Lantern and have been reading the main title and Green Lantern Corps since the end of Blackest Night. I understand nothing really 'big' as far as universe ending peril has happened but I need your help understanding something.  
I often hear people compare the GLs to the Silver Surfer as far as power sets. As many of you know, I'm a big Silver Surfer fan. Reading the current GL books does not give me the impression that a GL is anywhere near the same level of power as the Silver Surfer, or even has any abilities that can compare, besides super speed and constructs (most of which seem a little corny and do not impress me).  But, like I said, nothing really huge has happened since I started reading. 
This isn't a battle. I don't want replies on who would win in a fight. I have the battle forums for that. What I want is you to post some awesome feats of the Green Lanterns (or other spectrums Lanterns, if you choose) so I can see why they are considered some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe.  

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Kilowog uses his construct to lift an aircraft carrier. Smaller Wasp class and Tarawa class aircraft carriers weight about 40,000 long tons (which this appears to be).

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@jloneblackheart: Well here are some feats, dont think many of this would put them above Surfer though.

Green Lantern Emerald Dawn 3 and 4: Hal Jordan takes a nuke to the face and there is no visiable damage to be seen

Green Lantern Volume 4, Issue 03: Another nuke durability feat for Hal

Moving on to my personal favorite Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

Green Lantern Volume 3 175: Kyle Rayner bends an attack from a quantum singularity with little trouble

Dc One Million 04: Contains a Supernova

Green Lantern Volume 3, 166: Holds quantum black holes within a construct (it has 79 black holes)

Green Lantern Volume 3, 167: Contains the explosion of many black holes

Green Lantern Volume 3, Issue 0 : This is a part of Zero Hour Story arc and Kyle fights Parallax (before he reaches 0 hour power level) does extremely well against him, and in the end blows up a planet (OA). Also given the fact that at his power level (without COIE amp) Parallax outside Zero Hour has soloed Justice League, beaten an Extra dimensional entity called Sun eater against whom entire DC Earth (JLA, JSA, Outsiders , Teen Titans as well as few New Gods as well as some members of LOSH) were totally helpless and gone up against and done really well against Spectre, even ripped his face off, i think this feat is pretty awesome =)

Unfortunately due to scans limit i am not posting a lot of more feats. But here's Kyle upgrade and now can weild willpower, love and rage.

Green Lantern New Guardians 13

hope this helps =)

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@Killemall: Awesome. Much better feats than I knew of. I always liked Kyle the best.

In the last scans though, I don't see him using the love spectrum, but he does use the hope spectrum of the Blue Lantern Corps. I don't know how blue and red work together, but if he has blue he should constantly be at 200% power as a green lantern.

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@jloneblackheart: No problem. I need to get the scan from the last issue where he controls the love spectrum, and i have been told he learns to control yellow and indigo in the next issue, 14, which i have not yet read.

He probably could, not sure where they are going with this or why amp Kyle so much. I for one do not think this is going to be a permanent thing and will be retconned out sooner or later.

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Green Lantern Corps: Recharge issue #2 Another feat from Kil, he saves a large medical vessel ship from a black hole with his will.


I decided to post that scan, since it's a bit similar to the one you posted.

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Hal recreates Coast City from memory


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