Emerald Twilight | New Dawn

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So, I was wondering! I'm not able to get 'Emerald Twilight | New Dawn' in a comic shop anymore, am I? Not easy, anyway. Now, I saw there are these 'Green Lantern Archives' and 'Chronicles', that collect older issues and story arcs. Is there something like this that collects Emerald Twilight and New Dawn too? I really want to read these, since I started at Rebirth, and it's quite a big event. So, is it collected? Are they going to collect or rewrite this? If any one could help me out here, I'd really appreciate it!

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@CubicTurtle: @CubicTurtle: try ebay, I'm sure you have a good chance of buying it there.

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Thanks for the tip! Didnt think of that, for some reason. I looked it up, and found only one, for €70, which is pretty expensive, though : (! But I will try once in a while! Surely there will be some time when some one will sell it! But there is no collection that also has these stories in it? : ( Something like the Archives of Chronicles?

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@CubicTurtle: Actually Emerald Twilight was collected into a tpb but only saw brief publication and is probably rarer and more expensive than just collecting the issues. I was actually able to buy all of Emerald Twilight in a set off ebay around a year ago for about $20. If you came in at rebirth and are a Geoff Johns fan I wouldn't worry too much about getting your hands on these stories though.

Pretty much everything big or shocking from both of these stories has been retconned by John's. I'd recommend you spend your money on Zero Hour instead which was the big universe changing event in which Hal Jordan was the villain. However, after Flashpoint, who knows how much of that is still in continuity anymore either.

Hope that helps.

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Let me guess, everything with Hal as a villain is hard to get? Ah, man :( But I'll surely look for it! Thanks for the help! Bothof you! And I think I can't really call myself a fan of John's, since I only read his work on Green Lantern, but hell, I really like them! I've been looking around on the internet for Aquaman and surely am going to get the New 52 of it!

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