constructs, non lethal, and how do they work?

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SO pretty much I did read up on them before asking this, but I still don't really understand, what is the point of making an elaborate construct like a train or a ship, when either way hitting your opponent with them won't result in death. In the cartoon, John Stewart made boring constructs compared to Hal, guy, and Kyle, but how is shooting a plan lazer blast at the opponent differ from making a chain gun or something out of it?

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i think the Lanterns are capable of manipulating the intensity/density of their constructs. also, i dont think we've ever seen the Lanterns unleash a train or a rail gun on someone like a mugger because it would obviously kill them.

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A more creative construct is more powerful. Just shooting an energy blast is weaker, as it is less creative, than a chaingun or helicopter with Hellfire missiles or whatever.

A good example, to introduce somebody to the concept, is in Emerald Knights, the "First Lantern" clip in particular.

And of course they can control the deadliness as much as they need to.

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@deaditegonzo: I will look up emerald knights, thank you. And I was mostly confused was because in one issue I was reading the guardians gave the lanterns rings access to lethal use, so in my mind I was like what was it on before stun? How do you throw a bus on someone and stun them, no matter what they did the end result would be non lethal, but that was just probably put in the book to show the severity of the situation.

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